The growth and development of the World Puzzles Federation, promoted by members of Spanish Puzzle Association (AEPUZZ) and other members of the international community, and the huge increase in jigsaw puzzle championships around the world have long demanded the creation of a Official Championship as a starting point the worldwide recognition of this activity as a sport of mental ability and visual acuity, supported by the jigsaw puzzle industry.

This pastime with more than 250 years old, not only survives the boom of digital entertainment, but we are witnessing a renaissance thanks to the different groups and organizations that promote meetings, championships, exhibitions, etc. through social networks, significantly increasing the popularity of the puzzle as an element of social and recreational union.

The new website is designed as a meeting point for all the Federations and organizations that make up the WJPF, including players, judges, manufacturers or just amateurs. Internet offers this universal access, and therefore, this new site will be from now on a powerful tool to spread our sport and our organization.

They all involved many hours of work and dedication, and as President of the WJPF it is a real pleasure for me to welcome everyone to the new World Jigsaw Puzzle Championship website.

Alfonso Alvarez-Ossorio